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Jueves, 09 Marzo 2017 13:22


Today we saw the inventions of the class, like:Izan's project that is a "Futbolin", Hann and Elena's project that is Granizado multicolor", Francisco's project that is the "Avisador", Leire's project…
Martes, 31 Enero 2017 08:10

The circulatory system

"Last Friday, a doctor called Santiago, Rodolfo´s friend, came to school. He taught us a lot of things about the circulatory system. Then, he told us the types of blood…
Viernes, 25 Noviembre 2016 11:58

Happy Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is a holiday in the United States. Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November and it’s a day when families meet and give thanks to each…
Viernes, 04 Noviembre 2016 11:31

Science Project 4ºC

Yesterday, we made a model of the Earth's Jayers. We used: pasticine in various colours, toothpicks, and small pieces of card. We loved this activity
Lunes, 17 Octubre 2016 13:55

Cells have organelles!

Last week we worked on a Natural Science project. The class made ‘animal and plant cells’ with different colour plasticine. We glued the cells onto craft paper. We took photos…
Martes, 11 Octubre 2016 12:52

Learning about Neurons

The other day, Primary 6C prepared a Project to learn more about neurons. We made a neuron using plasticine. We used two colours, one was more important than the other…
Viernes, 22 Abril 2016 08:56

Funny Stories

Book Day is an opportunity to our children to encourage them to explore the pleasures of books,reading and writing.This week has been full of activities and thanks to María José…
Jueves, 14 Abril 2016 13:03

Learning about marathons

Yesterday, Gabriel's mum came to visit us and tod us many interesting things about marathons.
Miércoles, 06 Abril 2016 13:46

Let's go to the theatre

Yesterday, all primary students went to the Cultural Centre to see two different plays. For Primary 1-3 the play was called "Once upon a time" and for Primary 4-6 the…
Martes, 23 Febrero 2016 11:00

ICE Skating

Yesterday, we went to ice skatin with my classmates. The ice rink was slippery, but I didn't fall dall down, because I was very careful. I had a great time…
Martes, 16 Febrero 2016 11:15

Our Carnival

Every year we celebrate Carnival wearing costumes and dancing. this uear we have to dress up of clowns and paint our own clown-t-shirts. But only in the evening. We are…
Lunes, 01 Febrero 2016 09:47

International Day of Peace

In the class of 6ºA we are trasing our hands wtih pencil and then, with a black marker to write a poem or a sentence or beatiful words to w…
Viernes, 29 Enero 2016 11:44


Today I showed Primary 5C and 5A a presentation about Up-Helly-Aa.
Miércoles, 27 Enero 2016 09:42

Pets in Primary 2ºC

"Ferret has got a long tail. It has got small ears. It has got color brown. It has got small legs. It is soft"
Miércoles, 13 Enero 2016 10:36

Science with Primary 4ºC

Yesterday, Natalia, Irene, Lara, Alejandra and I went to 4ºC to teach them things about the heart. We divided the class into 5 groups and each of us explained how…

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