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Viernes, 08 Marzo 2013 21:58

Postcard from Valdebernardo

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The pupils of 5 º B have written a few postcards. Here I leave some you:


Dear Catalina,

Greetings from France! It's a beautiful country. There are lots of things to do and see. Yesterday we went to the Eifel Tower. It was fun. We saw the entire city from the top of the Eifel Tower. I've taken lots of fantastic photographs.

I wish you were here with me,

Luna Almarza



Dear Luna,

Greetings from Sevilla. It´s very nice here! There are lots of things to do like horseback riding. Yesterday, we saw a rabbit in the park, and then we went to a museum in the centre of the town. I´ve taken lots of photographs.

See you soon,

Cristina Ivkovic


Dear Marina,

I am in my village that is in Guadalajara, Castilla La Mancha. It's fantastic. There are lots of thing to do. You can go to the swimming pool , play racquetball, go with the bike and more things. Yesterday, first we went on a bike ride and then we went to the swimming pool. I have got a lot of photographs. How are you? Write to me soon.

See you soon

Amaya De Celis


Dear Amaya,

Greetings from Guadalajara. I'm in my village, Solanillos Del Extremo. There are lots of things to do like play football, play tennis, go to the swimming pool etc. Yesterday, my friend and I played basketball and then we went to my house to have a snack. We had a lot of fun! I've got lots of photographs to show you.

See you soon,

Marina Letón


Dear Mario,

Greetings from Salamanca! I am in my village in Salamanca. There are lots of things to do, like playing football which I enjoy so much and also play with water balloons, basketball and more. Yesterday, we rode our bikes to the Cristo, a place away from the village where everyone goes once a year for a religious celebration. It was a lot of fun. Then I played with my cousin and finally I swam in the swimming pool. I´ve got lots of photographs. You have to see them.

See you soon,

Pablo Jiménez


Dear Amaya,

Greeting from NewYork. It's great here! There are lots of things to do here like go ice skating, play basketball, visit Central Park. Yesterday we went to a place call Down Town, then we went to see the Statue of Liberty. I've got lots of photographs. Look at my photo of the Statue of Liberty you can see I'm inside the head.

See you soon,

Keiry Nivar

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