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Martes, 23 Febrero 2016 11:00

ICE Skating

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Yesterday, we went to ice skatin with my classmates. The ice rink was slippery, but I didn't fall dall down, because I was very careful. I had a great time skating with my friends, always holding our hands.  Irene Carbajo 4º B

We went to a school trip to Invernia, an Ice Rink. The instructor's name were Ana and Rubeb. I fall down a lot of times but it was a very fan trip. Victor 4ºB

Las morning, I was skating with my classmates. It was really funny. We went last year to the same place, an ice rink placed in a little town close to Madrid, Valdemoro. I enjoyed this experience a lot. I skated from one end of the ice to the other, and even though I fall down many times. I liked it because I was with some of my best firends. Aaron Sacristán 4ºA

The 18th of february, fourth A, B and C went to ice skating eith Mónica, Arantxa and Mª Carmen. Ana, an instructor, tought us:  to put on and take off our skates, to get up when we fall down an the most important, how to skate.  They left us some time to skate alone. Then, we went to a park for lunch. When we finished lunch, the bus came to bring us back to schoool to eat. Elena Campos 4º A



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