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Miércoles, 06 Abril 2016 13:46

Let's go to the theatre

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Yesterday, all primary students went to the Cultural Centre to see two different plays. For Primary 1-3 the play was called "Once upon a time" and for Primary 4-6 the play was called  "D'Artaghan". All the students had a very good time.


"Yesterday, we went to see D'Artaghan in the teathre. Gascon and Francine told us the story. Gascon was D'Artaghan and Francine the other characters. My favourite character was Gascon because he was very funny. The best song was the rules of the muskeeters. My friend and me laughed a lot because of Gascon" Daniel Martín 4ºB

"Yesterday, we watched a play about D'Artaghan. He wanted to be a muskeeter but Cardinal Richelieu didn't like the musketeers because he did bas things and musketeers stopped him.  Cardinal Richelieu , musketeers  and D'Artaghan fought, and D'Artaghan and the Musketeers won the fight. D'Artaghan became a musketeer and he wasa very happy" Mario Bodas 4ºB

"The classes of 4º,  5º and 6º went to a theatre to see the story of D'Artaghan. He wanted to become a musketeer and serve the king and the queen of France. His Dad gave him: one letter, thirty pieces of silver and a horse. He never gives up and does everything possible to become a musketeer. The queen of France, Anna, was married to Louis XIII of France" Julieta Ballesteros 4º B

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