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Jueves, 14 Abril 2016 13:03

Learning about marathons

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Yesterday, Gabriel's mum came to visit us and tod us many interesting things about marathons.


How to train

  • Practice running more than two times a week
  • Eat healthy foods and plenty of carbohydrates
  • Use the “caco” style to train. Caco style is a mix of walking and running
  • Drink plenty of water

Facts about marathons

  • A marathon is 42 km and 195 meters
  • Marathons typically cost between 40-100 €
  • Some races have many thousands of runners participate
  • Sometimes people called rabbits participate to help blind runners or runners with other disabilities race

Why run?

  • Running is a great way to stay in shape
  • Marathons can be a lot of fun
  • Training with friends is a great activity to make and keep friends
  • You can win medals and other prizes or recognition

Equipment needed

  • You need a tracksuit and trainers
  • A place to run inside if the weather isn´t nice
  • Plenty of food and water for training and for race day
  • A good attitude to deal with the setbacks that can occur while training

Thanks for a great presentation Isabelle!.  Primary 5C

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