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Martes, 31 Enero 2017 08:10

The circulatory system

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"Last Friday, a doctor called Santiago, Rodolfo´s friend, came to school. He taught us a lot of things about the circulatory system. Then, he told us the types of blood and finally he answered our questions.

My question was: what is the difference between positive and negative blood? He told me that positive blood has Rh and negative blood doesn’t have it. It was really amazing". Javier De Miguel 6ºC

"On Friday a doctor came to our school to talk about the circulatory system. First, we talked about the heart. He taught us that the red part indicates oxygenated blood and the blue part, deoxygenated blood. He told us that all the blood in our body is red but the book shows it like this to distinguish them. Then he explained why we have the type of blood that we have. It was very interesting. At last, we all took a nice photograph with him and he told us that he wants to come another time". Maria Martín 6ºC

"This week I learnt some things about the heart and other organs. On Monday and Tuesday, we learnt things about both. Then, on Friday, a man came to our class to tell us things about the organs inside our body. For example, some people have asked things like: what is the most difficult organ to transplant? It is the intestine, he said. I asked him that if we breathe oxygen, why do the arteries take in carbon dioxide and take back oxygen. It was a good question". Ángel Orea 6ºC


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