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Lunes, 21 Diciembre 2015 08:55

Christmas Trees

Today, in Art Class, 6º A id some Christmas Trees. We used water colours and one white craylon. We draw a tree with the crayon and then we painted with…
Martes, 17 Noviembre 2015 11:35

The Human Body

In Natural Science we are studying Human Body. In Arts we have made an skeleton with pasta. First, we have sticked four "caracolas" for the skull, then the "macarrones" for…
Martes, 10 Noviembre 2015 08:48

Who am I?

I am Claspit, a scary with. I am from Shaboo. I know lots of tricks. Do you want to be my student?
Martes, 10 Noviembre 2015 08:45

Halloween traditions

It's celebrated on October 31st. When the Celts lived in Ireland, Britain and France over 2,000 years ago, they had a pagan agricultural festival on this day.
Martes, 17 Marzo 2015 14:53

St. Patricks Day

Today, we have worked on the Saint Patricks Day. We have worn green clothes and in art we have drawn shamrocks and a pot of gold. We wrote a poem…
Miércoles, 26 Marzo 2014 09:43

Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh was born in Holland in 1853 and died in France in 1890. Van Gogh didn´t decide to become a painter until he was grown up. He tried…
Martes, 18 Marzo 2014 08:56

Theatre in English

El pasado Jueves 13 de Marzo todos nuestros alumnos de primaria fueron al teatro. Vieron dos obras en Inglés, una para los alumnos de 1º a 3º y otra para…
Viernes, 14 Marzo 2014 09:13


The smallest teenager His name is Sunney Ballawing. He is from Filipinas. He is 18 years old and he has the record from the "smallest" teenager with 59,9 cm tall.…
Lunes, 17 Febrero 2014 08:16


An ecosystem is made up of all the living things and non-living things that interact together in a specific place. Ecosystems vary in size: they can be as large as…
Jueves, 28 Noviembre 2013 13:59

The Festivals

5º is working on festivals. We are collecting informations and pictoures to do a project about festivals around the world. The festivals we are working on, are: The three wise…
Jueves, 28 Noviembre 2013 13:43

Pop art

The pupils of 6 º have discovered the Pop Art. Thave learned the life and work of two artists of this movement Andy Warhol and Roy Fox Lichtenstein. Here I…
Hello, my name is Ángel. Patri and I are from 3 A.Théo and Lucía are from 3 B. Javi and Claudia are from 3 C. • What is your name?…
Viernes, 08 Noviembre 2013 10:00

Learning English Sayings

When we study two languages, we learn more about our own language. By learning English sayings in class, we have realized how similar they are to our own ¨dichos.¨ English…
Jueves, 07 Noviembre 2013 08:24

Creative Writings

We are in Primary 6B, working on English creative writings. Our teacher, Mary, told us to imagine that we are paralyzed and lost in the jungle. These are a few…
Viernes, 18 Octubre 2013 08:09

This is, they are

Os dejamos los trabajos que han realizado los alumnos de 2º. Han descrito su colegio, su clase, y a sus amigos. Con ello han aprendido la estructura gramatical This is…

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