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Blog de Inglés
Jueves, 06 Junio 2013 10:36

Teatro en Inglés

The pupils of primary have been in in the theatre. The functions have developed in the college and have been in English. I write TO YOU what the pupils of…
Viernes, 17 Mayo 2013 15:49


The pupils of 2 º have studied the means of transport. We have done air, aquatic and terrestrial drawings of transport. Then we have exposed them in the corridor.
Viernes, 17 Mayo 2013 08:27

Today in art

SYMMETRY Today in Art, we did a project on symmetry, using different colours . We put the three paint colours on one side of the paper, and when we folded…
Jueves, 21 Marzo 2013 10:42

To make yogurt

Today, the pupils of 2 º C have done yogurt. This one is the recipe. Put the yogurt in the jar. Put the milk in the jar. Put the jar…
Viernes, 15 Marzo 2013 16:11

Más Prezis

Los alumnos de 6º de Primaria han realizado más Prezis sobre las diferentes épocas o periodos de la Historia y sobre Ciencia y Tecnología. Aquí os los dejamos para que…
Viernes, 08 Marzo 2013 21:58

Postcard from Valdebernardo

The pupils of 5 º B have written a few postcards. Here I leave some you: Dear Catalina, Greetings from France! It's a beautiful country. There are lots of things…
Viernes, 01 Marzo 2013 15:50

Invertebrate creatures

In science, we started the school year with the study of the Big Bang Theory and the creation of the Universe. We went on exploring the Earth, its inner and…
Martes, 12 Febrero 2013 15:53

Valentines' Hearts

We are 5B typing this article together. Look at us decorating some Valentines' hearts. We drew some heart shapes and then we coloured them with crayons and watercolours. Then we…
Miércoles, 06 Febrero 2013 14:43

The Zoo

Animals in Year 1º We study mamals, birds, fish and reptiles. Do you like our pictures?
Lunes, 04 Febrero 2013 10:14

Poesías de PAZ

Peace begins with a party. Peace begins with love. Peace begins with a smile. Peace begins with friends. Peace begins with a present. Peace begins with a heart FEI FEI…
Jueves, 17 Enero 2013 13:37

English and Science Christmas Homework

Our students of Primary 3º and 4º made these fantastic project about animals. They described invertebrates animals and vertebrates too. They included beatiful pictures of the animals.
Miércoles, 16 Enero 2013 16:23

Volcano Experiment

In science we have studied about geographical relief and we know that volcanoes produce important changes. The students in primary 5º have made volcanoes out of plasticine, paper, cardboard and…
Viernes, 04 Mayo 2012 10:52

Cambridge Exams 2012

"Just go out there and do what you've got to do." (Martina Navratilova) Good luck! :)

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